Our Testimonials

Jane RogersJane Rogers
I live in a four-story condo building and we have used many carpet people over the past eight years and these guys are terrific! They did a GREAT job, very efficient, very pleasant and the price was certainly competitive. Our carpets look wonderful. They don't just try to get in and get out. I was also appreciative that they were able to get their steam hoses up to the fourth floor which some aren't capable of. I would definitely recommend Doug and his crew to anyone.
Ted ClarkTed Clark
The crew at A-Alpha did a fantastic job on my carpet! They were able to remove stains I never thought would come out, and they were very quick and courteous! Will definitely use them again!
David O.David O.
A-Alpha really has no competition. I've tried three big name carpet cleaners in the past; One left the carpets wet for a week. Another was a franchise company with T.V. advertising. One of their crews did well, but on a separate occasion a different crew did a poor job.